The Path We Painted

Major League Painting, founded in 2019 in Westland and now headquartered in Canton, proudly stands as a distinguished home service contractor dedicated to elevating customer experience and delivering top-notch paint jobs. With a persistent commitment to quality, our team of experts transforms spaces with precision, ensuring each project reflects our passion for craftsmanship and client satisfaction. At Major League Painting, we go beyond aesthetics, creating lasting impressions and vibrant homes through our expertise and dedication to excellence.

Introducing Jermaine Williams, the visionary founder behind Major League Painting , a thriving painting company established in 2019. Jermaine’s journey began in the heart of Detroit, where he developed a profound love for baseball that shaped his early years. Growing up surrounded by the rhythm of the city, Jermaine envisioned a future on the baseball diamond, dreaming of playing in the major leagues. However, life took an unexpected turn, and despite his best efforts, the path to a baseball career didn't unfold as planned. Undeterred, Jermaine channeled his passion and determination into a new endeavor – Major League Painting. In founding MLP, Jermaine transformed his big league dreams from the baseball diamond to the world of entrepreneurship, where he now leads his own team, wielding paintbrushes and leaving a colorful legacy across Metro Detroit. His commitment to excellence in craftsmanship echoes the same dedication he once poured into perfecting his baseball skills, and Jermaine has found a new arena to showcase his talents and make a lasting impact.

Jermaine's journey into the world of entrepreneurship began after graduating from Garden City High School. Rather than pursuing a traditional college path, Jermaine chose to dive headfirst into the trades, driven by a passion for hands-on work and a determination to build something of his own he and some buddies took off for South Carolina to learn some life skills.

His story took a sudden turn when he returned to his hometown and crossed paths with Caylyn, who would later become his wife. As their family grew to include a daughter and a son, Jermaine and Caylyn decided to establish roots in Westland, where Major League Painting first set its canvas.

Jermaine's commitment to quality and customer service quickly garnered attention, allowing MLP to flourish. Over the years, the family and the business have expanded, relocating to the city of Canton. Major League Painting continues to leave its mark, not just on the surfaces they paint but on the communities they serve, embodying Jermaine's dedication to craftsmanship and family values.